Mission and Vision


To provide higher educational opportunities to the students that not only benefit students but can also give the institution a leadership position in higher education. Our vision is derived from the very Principle of “Sa vidya yavimuktey” from “Vishnu Puran” which means there is no salvation without wisdom. This controls and governs all the affairs bringing us to service of the students. We want to empower specially those who belong to the under privileged section of society, through quality education. 


1.      To provide academic opportunities to the students of remote rural areas of the region.

2.      Practical exposure to the students through field activities.

3.      Tot each the students for availing local resources of the region.

4.      To provide various avenue for the female students of the region.

5.      To provide a healthy academic environment to the faculties of the institution.

6.      To upgrade the students for present day’s techno savvy environment.

7.      To make the students aware of digital learning resources is our current mission.